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推荐一个英语学习的系列视频, 出品。视频录制的比较早,2013 年录制的。但其中提到的语言学习理念和方法,到现在仍然不过时。

在介绍视频的具体内容之前,我还是想和大家分享一下,这篇文章的产出过程,编写这篇文章,也是一个比较有趣过程,探索如何使用AI ,在AI 的辅助下,提高写作效率。

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以下内容是根据我口述的中文文稿,经过 chatGPT 格式化调整后的内容。


这个视频共有八分钟,分为三段讲解其主要内容。第一段介绍了教程的主要内容。视频作者 Drew Badger 是 的创始人,这是他制作的一个免费的七天视频课程,主要通过邮件和视频进行学习。邮件中会包含相关文档,即视频的打印脚本,用户可以通过邮件中的视频进行学习。我是在 YouTube 上看到这个视频的。开场内容主要包括这些。






Original English Script

00:00:05 Hello there, I’m Drew Badger, co-founder of And this is your first video lesson in your free 7-day email video course. First of all, I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you.

00:00:23 It’s amazing that we get to teach you and we’re really excited that you’re trying our fantastic free email video course.A unique email video course that will not teach you specific things in English…

00:00:55 Begin seeing real improvement in your English much much faster in order to use this complete system and have your English improve much much faster.

00:01:05 You have to open every mail, watch every video, listen to all of the listening exercises and then read the transcript, do all of these things many many times and you will absorb all of the things you need to learn in order to get fluent in English. Remember that learning a language takes time and you can…

00:03:52 Speakers and actually have great conversations at your job or wherever you go using real English then you need to learn real English. This video course will teach you all of the things you need to know in order to get there.

00:04:10 So first think about what you want when I first came to Japan, I thought about all of the things that I wanted to do with Japanese.

00:04:50 You want then you decide how to get it in my case if you look at my vision board up here. I wanted to study Japanese gardening, I also wanted to be fluent in Japanese. Fluently and that’s what I wanted.

00:05:17 The problem with most students of the English language is that they want to be able to speak with native speakers but they are learning textbook English. So maybe they have a goal but they are not connecting the goal with how they learn.

00:05:34 In this video course, if you want to pass a specific exam or you want to travel, do you want to meet interesting people and have conversations with them? Do you not just want to get a job but really have great conversations with the people you’re working with?

00:06:12 All of these things are very possible even if you think you can’t speak. It’s just how you’ve been studying. If you’re ready to take your English to the next level and keep watching this video series, we will teach you everything you need to know in this free 7-day email video course.

00:06:32 You will continue to receive tips from us as we go through in email after this video English course is finished. We really hope you’re excited to continue and really excited to teach you the secrets you need to know in order to get fluent in real English.

00:06:53 Tonight’s homework. What I want you to do is make your own vision board. It can be something on a computer. I made mine on a computer or it can be just something on paper. Cutting out pictures from a magazine and writing words, anything else like that that you want to see for your future.

00:07:11 Anything else like that that you want to see for your future. Comment down below this video, ask us questions, and get ready to keep learning. If you are a real student, a real spoken English student, it’s really easy to get fluent. You just need the right learning method.

00:07:41 Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow and we also look forward to hearing about your goals for learning English. Make your vision board, tell us what your goal is, and tell everyone you know what your goal is. We will help you achieve it, starting tomorrow.

我的 English Vision Board

[[English-Vision-Board-2024-07-11 22.04.52.excalidraw]] image.png



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